Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Favorite Kitchen Machines

This is a guide to my most important kitchen tools. These are the ones I use every week, if not every day.

This immersion blender is my best friend in the kitchen. I use it to puree soups, to puree cauliflower for my cheesy cauliflour puree and the attachments are also great. I can mince garlic in seconds without dirtying my Cuisinart. It can be used for whipping cream without dirtying the stand mixer. I can make smoothies. This is thing is the best, and cheap too!

The Cuisinart Food Processor is also a go-to machine in my kitchen. Perfect for getting an ultra-smooth texture or hummus. Great for quickly chopping large volumes.

The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer is perfect for doughs and batters. Cookie dough is ready in seconds. It is also great for items that need to be whipped for long amounts of time, such as egg whites.

The Ron Popeil "Set It and Forget It" Rotisserie Grill is great for hand-off cooking. Perfect for ribs.

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