Saturday, November 05, 2005

Late Night Snack at Home

Strawberries with Fresh Whipped Cream

Dinner at Home

A simple but tasty steamed king crab legs and sauteed shrimp. Served with garlic butter.

Snack at Home

We bought some fresh tuna at Costco, so, of course, I had to make tuna poke, a classic Hawaiian snack. I made the sauce with lemon juice, soy sauce, hoisin, rooster sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds and scallions.

Lunch at Costco, San Francisco, CA

As we implied in the Ikea entry, one of our favorite places to get a hot dog is the Costco. Big, cheap and tasty--they even supply 2 kinds of mustard. Be sure to ask for sauerkraut at the counter.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Dinner at Frisson, San Francisco, CA

Tuna Tartare $10 (Alexis)
With cucumbers, black sesame seeds, savory cucumber sorbet and a spicy sauce, this was an interesting and flavorful take on tartare.

Duck Breast $24 (Alexis)
The duck was cooked perfectly and was served atop a mixture of tender pork and braised greens. It was accompanied by an carrot-ginger puree and a beet sauce. I could have done without the puree, but it was very good all around.

Diver Scallops on a Beet Puree with Mixed Greens (Giao) - $12
The scallops were tender and the textural juxtaposition of the beet puree and cripsy, fried, beed curlies was very nice.

Foie Gras French Toast(Giao) $12
Can't go wrong with this standard presentation of seared Foie Gras.

Pig's Feet (Giao) $11
To quote "Friday" - 'I like pig's feet' Actually this one wasn't foot-y enough. And it was strangly triangular.

Food: 1
Decor: 2
Service: 2

Lack of Health Code Violations

Lunch at Work

Leftover steak an shrimp stir-fried in a chili soy sauce.

Egg salad in lettuce wraps. Something weird happened with the egg salad this time--it was somehow too creamy, but it didn't seem to mayonnaisy.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dinner at Home

A very simple hot-pot with shrimp, steak and broccoli in a beef broth.

Lunch at Work

Egg salad in lettuce wraps.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dinner at Home

Sole pan-fried in butter and lemon juice with green beans and garlic.

Lunch at Work

Mixed green salad with blue cheese and avocado.
Leftover chicken from last night.

Breakfast at Home

Sausage Casserole.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dinner at Home

Creamy, Spicy, Chicken Bake
These chicken legs were baked in a concoction of cream of chicken soup, lemon juice and jerk sauce with onions and whole cloves of garlic. To save Giao's intestines, I only used a tablespoon or two of the jerk sauce.

Lunch at Fog City Diner, San Francisco, CA

Somewhat of a San Francisco icon, the Fog City Diner offers up higher end diner fare. The menu includes a cold and raw bar, several modern takes on the sandwich and a variety of asian fusion appetizers. We noticed today that the menu had changed a bit since last time, both in content and font.

Tuna Tartare $8
The tuna was fresh and the soy marinade really let the flavor of the tuna and avocado shine through. Although we could do without the cripy wonton, the extra-thin slices of cucumber and radish offer a nice contracting texture.

Grilled Skirt Steak $23
I found it odd, when my plate was presented to me, that my steak had a dollop of ketchup on top. It was only after I tasted the first bite sans dollop, that I realized the steak had not been marinated, or even salted. Thus, this ketchupy sauce was need for flavor. That being said, the meat was quite tender. Alexis substituted the fries for green beans with garlic, which were wuite good, and Giao got the fries but didn't eat them.

Food: 1
Service: 0
Decor: 1

Health Code Violations

Breakfast at Home

Sausage casserole.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Dinner from Mehfil Indian Cuisine, San Francisco CA

Once again, a meal from our favorite indian take-out joint.

We switched it up this time and ordered Chicken Mahkni ($11) rather than Chicken Tikka Masala. It tastes similar to CTM, but is more buttery and uses dark meat rather than light, which I find to be much better, as the white meat tends to dry out. We did still with the old standard--Saag Paneer ($9).

Mehfil Special Naan with herbs and garlic $2.50
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Lunch at Old Ship Saloon, San Francisco CA

Although the claim to fame of the Old Ship is that it actually was an old ship, the place lacks a nautical feel. However, it is a good burger and salad joint.

Buffalo Wings ($9)
These were plentiful and the sauce was spicy, which is more than I can say for a lot of wings. The outside texture was a bit strange, niether soggy nor crunchy, but it was not off-putting in any way.

Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger $10 (Giao)
Juicy burger, thick bacon, and it's nice that a better-than-average side salad can be substituted for the fries.

Bacon, Jalapeno, Avocado Cheeseburger $11 (Alexis)

Health Code Violations

Food: 1
Service: 1 (Very nice, homey waitress)
Decor: 1

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dinner at Home

Sausage Casserole with Mixed Green Salad
Tony pawned off all of the leftover sausages from lunch on us, so I had to come up with a creative way to use them. I decided on sausage casserole, which is kind of the opposite of quiche. It contains lots of ingredients (chopped leftover sausage, artichoke hearts, canned diced tomatos, fresh parsley, parmasean and cheddar) with a few eggs thrown in to hold it all together. It ended up being quite tasty.

Lunch at Tony's House, San Mateo, CA

Grilled Sausages with Mustard
Everyone ended up bringing sausages to grill this time: bratwurst, chicken portabello and spicy italian.

Breakfast at Home

Ham and Cheese Omelet
I am on a constant quest to find new uses for the bag of flax seed I bought a while ago. I threw flax seed and heavy cream into the omelet and it turned out quite fluffy...and full of fiber.

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