Monday, April 23, 2007

The Burger Battle

Our friend at Bay Area Burgers gave us his top 5 list for burgers in the Bay Area and for the past month or so, we've been eating our way through them. We asked for the top 5 list because we figured it was more efficient and healthier to take advice from a burger expert, than to try to eat all the burgers in town.

In our rankings we've tried to incorporate all of the burger element (bun, patty and toppings) to come up with an overall rating.

The Contenders:
Town Hall, San Francisco

Val's, Hayward, CA

Brickhouse, San Francisco, CA

The Rankings:
5. Brickhouse (unremarkable and expensive)
4. Eccolo (tasty toppings but the burger was shaped like a golf ball making it difficult to eat)
3. B Restaurant (a solid burger with the interesting addition of parmasean)
2. Val's (the epitome of your all American backyard BBQ burger, the bun was the only thing lacking)

and the winner is...
1. Town Hall--This burger won out for the conbination of great bread (a light, herbed focaccia), great toppings (fontina) and a tasty beef patty that was the right, size, shape and was cooked to the temperature we requested.

Burger Battle Map

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Seriously, I think if I ate these burgers, I would weigh as much as a brick house! Beef, bacon and cheese...need I say more!
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