Monday, August 31, 2009

Oakland "Streets Eats" Street Food Festival

We decided to head over to the Oakland "Street Eats" street food festival yesterday, not sure what we'd find. It was way better than we anticipated. We'd never been to Jack London Square, and it was a very pleasant spot; right on the water, sunny, live band playing.

But the food was the star. We tried Gerard's Paella, which we have been wanting to try for a long time. It was truly delicious. Although we thought it would have been even better with a little spice added, we recognize that when you are cooking in a pan that easily feeds 100 people, you have to season to the lowest common denominator.

My great find of the day was LaLoo's Goat Milk Ice Cream. Since Ronin is allergic to dairy from cow's and I am breastfeeding, I haven't had any ice cream in about 7 month. I was so happy to see this stand! I didn't even know that goat milk ice cream existed. Also, it was surprisingly un-goaty. I was expecting a little tang, based on my experience with goat cheese. What I got was a lovely, deep chocolate, not-tangy-at-all, super creamy ice cream. Yum.

Another great moment was when we happened upon a tasting stand for Little Bug, a locally grown, organic, baby food company. Even Ronin got to taste something at this festival: peaches! Giao and I also tasted the fig baby food and it was tasty. Since I find it much more economical (and easy) to make my own baby food, I probably won't be purchasing any in the near future. However, if I were going to purchase baby food, this would be on the top of my list.

I think Giao took some pictures and we'll try to get those posted later.


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