Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lunch at Roadside Food Stand, Puerto Maldanado, Peru

After being picked up at the airport in Puerto Maldonado by the staff from the EcoAmazonia Lodge, we were dropped off near the office for an hour or so before travelling to the jungle. We were quite hungry and none of the restaurants were open for lunch yet (it was 11 am), we after circling the small town a couple of times, we decided on one of the roadside stands serving ceviche. The total cost of the 2 part meal was approx. $1 per person.

Fish Broth with Roasted Corn
Very fishy and oddly good.

This was a very tart version of ceviche, but the acid was offset by the sweet potato, the yuca and more roasted corn. The sweet potato was quite nice, but we didn't care much for the boiled yuca.

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