Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lunch at Good Earth Cafe, San Francisco, CA

We headed off to Good Earth Cafe, a remarkably clean and spacious noodle and wonton joint in Chinatown. They offer a variety of wontons served in one of 4 broths, with or without noodles or pork. They also have a salad bar, which seems unnecessary, but was beautifully laid out.

Pork Wontons in Miso Broth with Pork Slices $7
A huge bowl of tasty broth with about 6 very large wontons. Tasty and filling.

Pork Wontons in Sweet and Sour Broth with Pork Slices $7
Same as above but with a more powerfully flavored broth.

Chicken Gyoza $5
Light and delicate, served with ponzu.

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