Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner at Scott Howard, San Francisco, CA

We headed to Scott Howard, one of our favorite places, and one that we hadn't been back to for a while for some reason. It was easy enough to get a reservation on a Friday night, which wasn't a particularly good sign. When we got there we found that they had completely revamped their menu. Previously, we had really loved the tasting menus at Scott Howard, and we found that they were completely missing from the new menu. The new menu was much more standard in form, with several appetizers, mains and side dishes, as well as a single prix-fixe meal. We were happy to find that the food was still tasty, but it is always a little disappointing when a restaurant is forced to conform to stay alive. Also, interestingly, many of the dishes we ordered seems focused, even if secondarily, on the tomato.

Crispy Squash Blossoms with Goat Cheese and Tomato Sauce $8
Tasty, but not as sublte and light as you expect squash blossoms to be. The tomato sauce overpowered the other ingredients just a bit. Still, you can't go wrong with fried cheese.

Raw Scallops $12
Very, very good. The sweet flavor of the scallops melted in our mouths and the texture was perfect as well.

Short Ribs with Horseradish Creamed Spinach, Fried Onions and Tomato Jus $22
The ribs were cooked sous so they were very tender. I couldn't really taste the horseradish in the greens, but overall, the dish was very good.

Venison $24
This tender venison was also served with a tomato based sauce. It was tasty, and beautifully plated.

Orzo Mac n' Cheese with Tomato Jam $5
The cheese sauce was a bit grainy and containted too much flour, but the tomato jam added a nice acidity that cut through the fat in the dish.

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