Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breakfast from In-N-Out Burger, Morgan Hill, CA

On our way to Carmel, we stopped off for some In-N-Out, some of the only fast food we will put in our bodies by choice and one of the best deals around.

Two 3x3s and a Double Double, Animal and Protein Style $11
For those who don't know about off-menu ordering, animal style means you get fried onions and protein style means you get your burger wrapped in lettuce. We got 8 patties of meat for $11, that's sort of ridiculous even when you don't consider that they pay their employees livable wages and use quality ingredients, made fresh to order.

In-N-Out Burger
895 Cochrane Road
Morgan Hill, California 95037

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this comment is for the store 895 cochrane.....on the day of 7/12/08,as a customer was treated with great customer service skills by your employee at pay window named erissa.She was very delightful to spreak with and I felt really welcome speaking with her.thank you in-n-out burger for making my day!!!!c- u-again!!!!!
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