Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chinese Brocolli with Anchovies and Shrimp--An Open Letter to the New York Times

Dear New York Times Magazine,

I saw a recipe for Chinese Broccoli with Anchovies in your publication a couple of weeks ago and thought it sounded both interesting and tasty. I thought to myself, "I have Chinese broccoli AND anchovies in the house right now. I don't even have to go to the store!"

I don't usually cook from recipes (I can't help but modify as I go) but I decided to go forward with my own adaptation of the recipe. The only thing I felt was essential to leave unmodified was the ratio of anchovies to Chinese broccoli, as anchovies are very salty. Let's just say that that ratio was way off. The dish was too salty to eat. This dish was an absolute disaster--such a disaster that I feel unable to repeat the original recipe, or my adaptation here for our readers. Such a disaster that I can't even venture to guess what the ratio should have been.

Please, in the future, test your recipes before printing.


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