Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dinner at A16, San Francisco, CA

Alexis' parents tasked us with finding a reasonably priced and utterly delicious meal while they were in town. We chose A16, an Italian place in the Marina that is not Marina-y and is named after an Italian highway. The young chef, Nate Appleman, turns our wonderful, slightly rustic food, in a loud, but warm and inviting atmosphere.

Tripe Neopolitana $9
This ulta-tender tripe is cooked with tomatos, onions and white wine. The texture resembled pasta more than tripe. This is a tripe dish that will turn even those who hate the idea of eating innards.

Mozzerella Burrata $10
This may sound expensive for a hunk of cheese, but this may just be the best cheese ever. It's packed with flavor, and melts in your mouth, It's served with crostini, but we like to eat it with a knife and fork.

Octopus Salad $11
This was one of our least favorite of the appetizers. Served with tomatoes, cucumber, breadcrumbs and arugula, it sounded tasty, but was a little bland tasting.

House Cured Salumi Platter $20
This plate was packed with all sorts of yummy salumi: head cheese, some sort of liver pate, dry salami, etc. Every bit of it was good. Although they don't have the combo platter on the menu, they are happy to make you a combo platter suited to the size of your table.

Eggplant with Tomatoes and Mozzerella $9
A rather flavorful eggplant dish, probably because of the wonderful mozzerella.

Roasted Beef Tri-Tip with Chiles, Meyer Lemon, Basil and Mint $22
This portion was enormous. We took half of it home. The flavor profile was beautiful and the meat was more tender than this cut usually is.

Long Cooked Green Beans with Lemon, Anchovy and Garlic (served with the above)
Although mushy green beans are sort of a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing, Alexis found these to be very good. Like sides we've had here before, it was a bit heavy on the lemon.

Pizza Salsiccia $14.50
This pizza was packed with fennel sausage, roasted peppers, red onions, mozzarella, garlic and chiles. The flavors were great. The only problem was that the otherwise good, thin, crust got a bit soggy in the middle.

Chocolate Budino Tart $8.50
The salt and olive oil really make the dark chocolate pop. We were so stuffed at this point that the whole table shared this single dessert. A few bites were a satisfying end to the meal.

2355 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA, 94101

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