Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dinner at Rohan Lounge, San Francisco, CA

Since we were on our way out to the Richmond, we decided to grab dinner at Rohan, a Korean bar/restaurant that we've been to before, but not in a long while.

Edamame with Sea Salt $2
These are served cold, but are quite tasty.

Kim Chee $2
This version is not very rotten tasting, which means Alexis can eat it, but Giao doesn't like it as much.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $9
These were crispy, porky goodness on the outside and tender shrimp on the inside. The cocktail style dipping sauce these were served with was strange, but not entirely bad.

Tuna Tartare $12
This rather large portion resembled poke more than tartare as the chunks were quite large. It was spicy with lots of crunchy veggie bits that added a nice texture contrast.

Steamed Beef and Veggie Dumplings $8
These were ok, but the insides were a bit too mushy.

Crispy Tofu $8
Alexis had remembered this dish as amazing, but when we had it again it was good, but not wonderful. The crust was a bit too thick and the sauce a tad too sweet.

Pork Bulgogi $11
Tender, flavorful meat with spicy sauce wrapped in crisp lettuce. Very tasty.

Onion Pancakes $7
This was the only real stinker of the bunch. These were thick and moist and all around gross.

Rohan Lounge
3809 Geary
San Francisco, CA 94118

Food: 1
Decor: 1
Service: 1

Health Code Violations

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