Monday, November 05, 2007

Writer's Guild strike? You've still got options.

The lack of Late Night getting you down? Scared about the possibility of no new Heroes? Take this opportunity to partake in some of our favorite food related programing:

Alexis' guilty pleasure is Top Chef. In the same vein as Top Design, or Project Runway, this show throws a group of cocky chefs together and makes them duke it out in the kitchen. Each show is comprised of a "Quick-Fire Challenge" where the winner gains immunity or some other prize and an "Elimination Challenge", and we all know what that's about. There's always an asshole that you love to hate and he's usually the molecular gastronomy guy, for us anyway

Lately we've been watching 'Kitchen Nightmares'. While we caught a few episodes of 'Hell's Kitchen', we only have room for one Survivor kitchen show. We like Ramsey better in this series, where rather than yelling at some kids and wannabes, he's yelling at real restaurateurs whose disasters of restaurants really mean something to them. Since this isn't scripted, Fox will be able to continue this throughout the season.

We don't really try to hide our fanboyness for Anthony Bourdain. 'No Reservations' follows him around as he travels around world in search for the perfect meal. We giggle as he yet again complains about his pack-a-day habit while hiking up a hill. We wince for him as he eats dirt omelets and uncleaned rectum with finesse. We vicariously enjoy street feed, and drool over gourmet meals. Hell, we even learn a little something about different cultures.

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