Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chinese Banquet at Ocean City Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA

We went to a banquet thrown as a holiday party by some friend's of Giao's parents. We didn't enjoy the food all that much because most of it was salty and fried. We can't give a truly accurate review of the restaurant, however, because we wouldn't have ordered any of these things, had the choice been ours.

Various Battered and Fried Fishy Things
Salty, greasy and fishy.

Shark Fin Soup
A little bland and very gelatinous.

Shrimp with Chinese Mayo, Walnuts and Brocolli
These are just too mayo-y and because Chinese mayo is sweet, it's just not really a good ingredient for use with shrimp, in our opinion.

Seafood Bird's Nest
This was one of the highlights of the meal, as it was not fried. It contained various types of seafood, one of which we had no idea what it was (the red).

Well, you can't go wrong with lobster. We ate a lot of this.

Fried Scallops and Squid
Far too salty. And again, fried.

Roast Chicken with Shrimp Chips
This was juicy and tasty and one of the better dishes of the night.

This was strangely sweet, but not terrible.

Fried Rice
Food: 0
Decor: 0
Service: 0

Ocean City Restaurant
234 N 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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