Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

We made these tasty treats at a friend's house for the Oscars. These are a nice, lower-carb version of stuffed mushrooms, made sans breadcrumbs.

-20 large mushrooms, stems removed and minced
-1 cup cream cheese, softened
-3 shallots, minced
-salt and pepper to taste
-1 handful basil, chopped

Place the mushroom caps on a baking sheet and broil for a couple minutes. Set aside. Sautee the shallots and mushrooms stems in butter for a few minutes. Add these, the basil and the salt and pepper to the cream cheese and thoroughly combine. Fill the mushroom caps with the cream cheese mixture and broil until the tops are golden and bubbly, just a few minutes.

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