Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Seabourn Legend: The Restaurant: Desserts

Usually we are not too big on dessert. However, we took this opportunity to try any dessert that looked like it might be good. Usually we only got a few bites in (except for the cheese, which we devoured), but that doesn't mean the desserts were not good or interesting, just that we can't really finish a plateful of sweet.

Mexican Chocolate Flan with Macerated Strawberries
This was an interesting take on Mexican hot chocolate. It was a little stiff, but it was quite delicious.

Rocky Road Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce
Simple and really good. We so rarely eat ice cream.

Mango Sorbet
Giao felt this was more of a sherbet rather than a sorbet and didn't find it tart enough.

The petit fours in the following 2 pictures were served occasionally after dinner and we really didn't like any of them. They were too sweet and didn't really have any other discernible flavors.:

Chocolate Mousse with Meringue and Raspberry Sorbet
The meringues were a bit too sweet for our taste, but overall this was an innovative and tasty finish to a meal.

Tart Tatin
This was not a classical preparation, but it was not bad.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Served with the tart tatin above.

The Cheese Plates:
We don't really remember what all of these cheeses were, but they were almost all pretty tasty. Some were old favorites and some were new standouts. The point is that Seabourn puts together a really nice cheese plate and the cheese vary every night.

Chocolate and Mango Mousse in a Chocolate Shell with Raspberry Sorbet
Alexis loves a good chocolate mousse and this was a pretty good one, especially with the surprise layer of mango mousse in the center.

Chocolate Truffles
The truffles rolled in cocoa had a nice, bitter finish. However, the truffles rolled in powdered sugar were far too sweet for our tastes.

Trio of Crème Brulee
These were all too thick in texture, with not a thick enough bruleed crust. Also, the dark chocolate was edible, but the milk chocolate and vanilla were a bit eggy tasting.

Ice Cream Bon Bons
What’s not to like about ice cream covered in chocolate?

Happy Honeymoon Cake
We are not technically getting married, but this was our “honeymoon”. And since we were the youngest people on the boat by about 30 years, we kept getting asked if we were on our honeymoon, and then the staff found out and, hence, the cake. It was moist in texture and not too sweet. But we’d already eaten quite a bit, so they had it sent to our room.

Food: 1
Service: 2
Decor: 2

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