Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Seabourn Legend: The Restaurant: Entrees

Cornmeal Crusted Lobster Tail with Lobster Fritter and Lobster Butter Sauce
This dish was decadent and lovely. The lobster was perfectly cooked and the cornmeal crust was barely there. The fritter was full of chunks of succulent lobster and the sauce was great too.

Grilled Ribeye
This was actually just OK. The steak was a bit too thin and not terribly tender. It was still entirely edible, however.

Flank Steak with Potato Gratin and Braised Celery and Radishes
The braised veggies were really interesting, as one usually eats radishes and celery raw. The steak was good and the gratin was surprisingly good. Alexis isn't a big fan of potatoes usually, but this gratin was perfectly cooked and seasoned. And I'm sure that the copious amounts of cheese, butter and cream helped.

Seafood Linguini
The pasta tasted homemade and the seafood was good, but Giao thought it would be more plentiful.

Penne with Tomato Sauce
A simple pasta dish that was well prepared and very satisfying.

Prawns Veracruz
This was another really tasty shrimp dish. It was slightly spicy and the shrimp was perfectly cooked.

Sea Bream
Well prepared and very good.

Tiny, crispy and tasty.

Butter Poached Prawns with Squash and Risotto Cake
The prawns were a tad overcooked, but still very good and the risotto cake was surprisingly good. It was crispy on the outside and tender, starchy and ever so sweet on the inside.

Lamb Chop with Mushroom and Tarragon Ragout, Brussel Sprouts and Apricot Jus
The lamb chop was tender and flavorful, although the crust was unnecessary. The brussle spouts were a welcome addition to our diet.

Thai Style Striped Bass
The fish was well cooked and the coconut glass noodles were rich and a great accompaniment.

Prime Rib with Crispy Potato Balls
The meat was good, although it was served with gravy rather than au jus. Alexis’ theory is that this is because the executive chef is from England, and the Brits love gravy. The little potato balls were surprisingly tasty.

Grilled Lobster with Green Rice
The lobster was perfectly cooked. The rice was pretty blah, but who cares. We ordered this for the lobster, not the rice.

Filet Mignon with Spinach
This was on the “classics” menu, and was both classic and well executed.

Duck with Kumquat Sauce and Spinach Crepe
The duck was tender, as was the crepe, even if the kumquats were a tad too sweet.

Food: 2
Decor: 1
Service: 2

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