Friday, March 14, 2008

Tasty, If Expensive, Dim Yum at Yank Sing

We don't go to Yank Sing often because it is always crowded and very pricey. However, it does satisfy the dim sum craving when you are in the financial district and don't feel like walking to Chinatown. Also, the quality is high, but it should be, because so is the price. This meal came to about $30 per person.

Scallop Dumplings
Fresh and flavorful.

Foil Wrapped Chicken
This dish is very rustic, but always succulent and tasty.

Soup Dumplings
These are the specialty of Yank Sing. The soft skins are filled with hot soup and it's best to either suck out the soup, or eat it in one bite.

Snap Peas
Served cold, these were a nice contrast to the calorie-bombs that are dumplings.

Siu Mai
These are our favorite. Pork dumplings topped with roe.

Har Gow
Tender shrimp dumplings without much filler.

Pot Stickers
Meaty, crispy, chewy goodness.

Food: 1
Decor: 1
Service: 0

Yank Sing
49 Stevenson St.
San Francisco, CA

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