Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pretty Good Prix Fixe at Cru, Vancouver, BC

We were searching for an interesting place for dinner to complement (but not upstage) the dinner at Vij's we were planning for the next day. We did some online searching and found Cru, which seemed to have an interesting menu and a decently priced prix fixe menu. Overall, the place was warm and the service friendly. It was a little funny because the server kept explaining ingredients and techniques on the menu that we already well known to us. Perhaps our overly casual (San Francisco-friendly) attire led him to beleive that we didn't know very much about food. The prix fixe was $42, but Giao ordered a la carte.

Fries with Dijon Aioli $6
The fries were addictively, and surprisingly, delicious. They were hand cut and very crispy. The aioli was better than average.

Poached Spot Prawns (+$5 to add to prix fixe)
These were totally delicious and a highlight of the meal. They were perfectly cooked and served with a mango cucumber salad and a cilantro puree.

Roasted Halibut (part of prix fixe)
The halibut was flaky and tender and was served with red quinoa, poached fennel and a caper brown butter. This dish was also very good, but there was a tad too much acid in the dish and we could have done with fewer capers.

Duck Confit with Potato Goat Cheese Hash $16
This dish sounded awesome on the menu, but fell a little flat on the plate. The duck was tasty, if standard, but the potato goat cheese hash was grainy and flavorless.

Lemon Tart (part of prix fixe)
The flavor was good, but the texture was off. The pastry tasted mass produced and the lemon filling was very, very runny.

Food: 1
Decor: 1
Service: 1

1459 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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