Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dinner at Zare at Flytrap, San Francisco, CA

We met a friend for dinner and he suggested Zare. The Flytrap restaurant was taken over, and renamed, by chef Zare earlier this year. I hadn't actually heard of it, even though it is quite close to my office and to where we used to live. The atmosphere was actually quite nice. It was very homey, yet elegant. Strangely, it was very warm in the restaurant. However, the food was really nothing special. some of it was actually bad, but most of it was just not great. I wouldn't eat here again. But maybe I'd stop in for dessert. The dessert was very good.

Fried Burrata $10
This was good, but I think that frying is perhaps not the best technique for burrata. You sort of lose the tenderness once it is fried, and he could have just as easily gone with regular mozzerella and we would not have known the difference.

Pistachio Meatballs with Pomegranite Glaze $12
When these first arrived, they were raw in the middle, which I can't have right now due to the pregnancy. The waiter graciously returned them to be cooked a bit more, and then the chef himself brought them out to us. However, they were just rubbery and bad. The glaze was too sweet and we could not eat them. The waiter/chef did take them off our bill, however, even though we did not ask for that, which I thought was very nice.

Bone Marrow with Bergamot Preserve $12
This sounded good, but the marrow was a weird texture, sort of grainy and rubbery at the same time, instead of smooth and spreadable.

Ménage a foie $18
Foie gras with grilled peach.
Sheep liver with pickled jalapeño and roasted Roma tomatoes.
Chicken liver with onion marmalade, aged balsamic.
Giao thought that the foie was good, and the others were ok.

Pasta with Lamb Cheek Bolognese $12
This was actually quite delicious. The sauce was tender and the flavors robust.

Fried Milk Torrijas with Cinnamon Sugar and Rosewater Hot Chocolate $9
This was a mouth-watering dessert. The "torrijas" were basically brioche, soaked in sweet milk and then deep fried and they were so good when dipped in the thick hot chocolate.

Food: 1
Decor: 2
Service: 1

Zare at the Flytrap
606 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Can't find health code violations.

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