Thursday, September 27, 2007

Snacks for Dinner

Neither of us were hungry for a full dinner, but we did need something in our stomachs, so we combined a beloved snack with some leftover veggies that we had in the fridge.

Garlicky Hummus
-1 can garbonzo beans, drained
-1/2 cup olive oil
-juice of 1large lemon
-6-8 cloves garlic
-1/4 cup tahini
-salt to taste

Puree all ingredients and use as a dip, spread or condiment for almost anything.

Zucchini and Broccoli Stalk Sticks
We often use zucchini sticks for dipping but we had some thick broccoli stalks in the fridge so we peeled them on chopped them up too. They were surprisingly good--crunchy and mild in flavor.

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Best thing I've ever done in my life: leftover roasted veggies (from bbq the night before) in a sandwich with TJ's hummus spread on both slices of bread. Heavenly, healthy, quick.
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