Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chicago-Style Pizza in Chicago: Over-rated?

We knew when we were planning our crazy one-day Chicago trip that we had to sample the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Though we usually try to nose out the local hidden gems, rather than usual tourist traps, we decided that we had to make a homage to the where it all began, Pizzeria Uno.

As expected, there was about a half an hour wait for a table (this was around 2pm). However, you put in your pizza order when you add your name to the list. Since they are made to order in about 45 minutes, the wait for the table ends up being a wash. Not knowing the process, when we were put on the spot, we confusedly blurted out, 'Pizza, uhhh, pepperoni, umm, individual.' If we had to do it all over again, we probably would have tried the Numero Uno with it's heaping helpings of toppings.

We were seated inside in a corner by the waiter's station and ordered our much needed libations. (86 F and humid in October?) As we waited for the pizza to arrive, we surveyed the walls on which hung articles and awards detailing the history of this Chicago staple.

Individual Pepperoni Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza $6.75
We weren't fans of the crust at all, which was sort of crunchy and crumbly and teeth shatteringly hard. The sauce was excellent though--very bright clear in flavor. We ended up scraping out the toppings and eating them with a fork.

Pizzeria Uno
29 East Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Food: 1
Decor: 0
Service: 1

Can't Find Health Code Violations

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