Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Very Tasty Pizza from Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco, CA

I wasn't feeling well so Giao brought home some pizza for dinner. Arizmendi seems to be the San Francisco arm of the Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley. (We're not actually sure how they are related, but we are pretty sure they are.) They bake bread, sell cheese and make the best pizza we've had on the west coast. Somehow, while no other pizza place outside of NYC can seem to get the thin crust super crispy (and never soggy), the the Cheese Board and Arizmendi both deliver. They only make one type of pizza per day, and it is always delicious.

Tomato, Spinach and Cheese Pizza on Sourdough Crust $9
This half of a half-baked pizza was very good. We simply baked for another 8 minutes once we got it home.

Food: 2
Decor: 1
Service: 1

Arizmendi Bakery
1331 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

Health Code Violations

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