Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lunch at Pen Thai, Bothell, WA

The last time we came to Pen Thai we proclaimed it to be the best Thai we'd ever eaten. We went back with high hopes and were pleasantly surprised that it was still very delicious. Why can't everyone make Thai like this?

Sizzling Panang Duck $14.95
We had really high hopes for this duck. It looked delicious. It smelled delicious. It arrived at the table sizzling audibly. However, in the end, the meat was a tad dry. This, it was a pretty tasty, coconut-y dish.

Complimentary Salad
Exactly what you would expect.

Crab Fried Rice Special $11
There wasn't a ton of crab in this rice, but it was delicious nonetheless. It was light and not greasy at all, and very flavorful.

Spicy Eggplant $7.95
Another yummy, solid dish.

Crispy Garlic Chicken $11.95
This may be the most tasty dish ever. It's super-crispy, super-garlickly, ever-so-slightly sweet and totally addictive.

Garlic Fish $13.95
This whole, fried fish was slathered in garlicky goodness that we later used the fried rice to sop up.

Pen Thai
10107 Main St.
Bothell, WA 98011

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